Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Guinea: tense election & flouting the arms embargo

A coalition of Guinean opposition parties has said it will boycott December's presidential election. The EU is not giving money or sending election observers because of doubts that the election will be fair.
He [opposition leader Mamadou Ba] also warned that Guinea could descend into civil war like some of its neighbours if free and fair elections were not held.

"It will end up like Sierra Leone, Liberia or Ivory Coast because if we cannot discuss with the man in power, we will fight him the way he wants," said the leader of the Revival Front for Democratic Change (Frad).
Speaking of Liberia ... report says that Guinea flouted the arms embargo on Liberia by supplying arms to rebels. For example ...
Human Rights Watch found that the mortar rounds fired on central Monrovia [in late July] by the rebel Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy were Iranian munitions procured by the Guinean Ministry of Defense this year and sent to the rebels. ...Human Rights Watch called for a suspension of American military aid to Guinea.