Friday, November 07, 2003

Ethiopia/Eritrea: UN envoy says things are okay ... despite shooting

A few days back, Eritrea reported that two of its soldiers exchanged fire with uniformed gunmen, presumably Ethiopian. One of the Eritrean soldiers was killed, the UN confirmed that there had indeed been a fight, and Ethiopia denied that its soldiers were involvled.

UN envoy Legwaila Joseph Legwaila insists that things are not deteriorating between the two countries.

The story linked above did have an interesting, unrelated, detail. "On Thursday Unmee officials confirmed that Mr Legwaila's personal pilot had been expelled from Eritrea on charges of spying." (I'm not implying anything here ... I just find the detail interesting.)

The process to demarcate the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea was supposed to have started ... last month. No word on when it's going to start.

Here is an IPS story that does a decent job of summarizing the border issue.