Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Uganda: Prez's fear of "hostile doctors"

It's wise to be cautious but there's still something amusing about this story ...
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said Sunday he and his family travel abroad for medical treatment because he fears "hostile doctors" who could try to kill him.

In a letter to the independent Sunday Monitor and government-owned Sunday Vision newspapers, Museveni said that the problem with the Ugandan medical system is "that some of the doctors are partisan."

... "The issue is about security given some of the hostile doctors we have in the medical system here. In spite of being in Kampala for 17 years now, I have never rushed into a clinic and had my veins pierced in order to draw my blood for examination," Museveni said in the letter. "Even abroad, we take precautions."
Here is the story in the Monitor which started the whole thing. The paper estimated that it cost $90,000 to fly the president's daughter to Germany to deliver her baby.

Museveni's response ... he paid for all the medical expenses and the jet trip cost $27,000 not $90,000 (the public still paid).