Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Sudan: peace deal by Dec. ... or maybe not

After a two hour meeting, Colin Powell announced that Sudanese VP Ali Osman Taha and SPLA leader John Garang have agreed to reach a comprehensive peace agreement by December.

But hold on ...

AP quotes Sayed el-Khatib, a member the government delegation
"It's a hope [December target]- it is not unrealistic to set as a target, but we do not want anybody to think its going to happen without any doubt. ... Pressure sometimes works and sometimes backfires, but the important thing is that everybody will give it their sincere effort."
And AFP quotes another government official
"It is impossible for anyone to dictate a date on the two parties that are negotiating," presidential peace adviser Ghazi Salaheddine said in Kenya hours after US Secretary of State Colin Powell announced....
Cross your fingers.