Wednesday, October 22, 2003

South Africa: human rights lawer was apartheid spy

Bee-zarre story.

A judge is investigating whether Bulelani Ngcuka, SA's top prosecutor, was a spy for the pro-aparthied regime during the 80s. On Tuesday, a human rights lawyer now living in the UK, admitted that she was agent RS452. Vanessa Brereton represented a number of anti-aparthied activists while she worked as an agent for the government.

Here's where it gets bigger and messier. The prosecutor, Ngcuka, was the guy involved in the corruption investigation of deputy prez Jacob Zuma.

Despite Vanessa Brereton's admission, Ngcuka is not out of the woods. The commission will continue ... investigating "the possibility that Ngcuka was a spy with a different codename."

Ngcuka's main accusers are two former ANC intelligence operatives.

Prez Mbeki defended his deputy in an adress before religious leaders, saying that corruption is not a problem in SA. (Read the piece ... he talks about how Zuma wasn't even involved in the deal that sparked the scandal.)