Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Somalia/Somaliland: aid workers killed ... UN not sending any more

Two more aid workers have been killed in Somaliland. Richard and Enid Eyeington were sent by the charity SOS Children's Villages to open a secondary school.

Two weeks ago, another notable aid worker, Annalena Tonelli, was murdered.

The UN has announced that it will not send any more aid workers to Somaliland until the situation stabilizes.

These deaths are troubling because the self-declared state of Somaliland has been relatively stable. Since Somalia fell apart a dozen years ago, the only region that has had any measure of sucess has been Somaliland. It has had peaceful elections, opened up schools, and the economy had been doing well.

For first-hand stories .... Yvette Lopez is an aid worker in Somaliland and maintains this blog.

For some BG, here is a BBC article from 2001. And here is another, more recent article, about the controversy surrounding this year's election.