Tuesday, October 28, 2003

DRC: UN Security Council expected to suppress chapter

One chapter in a report about resource plunder in the Democratic Republic of Congo might be kept under wraps by the UN Security Council. The possible sticking point ...
... [The]section was given to the 15 Security Council members only. UN officials feared it would wreck the peace process by its allegations against Rwanda, Uganda and parts of the Kinshasa government, cited in previous reports as heavily involved in the pillaging, diplomats said.
If you recall, there was a brouhaha last year after the same panel released a report naming companies and individuals involved in plundering the DRC's resources.

Get this ...
The panel's reports have been fraught with controversy, first because they were loosely formulated, then because its accusations touched a political nerve. The United States wants the probe closed at the end of November as do Russia and China, for different reasons, council envoys said.
I wonder what those "different reasons" are.