Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Burundi: another deal

The President of Burundi and the leader of FDD, the main rebel group, reached a deal in Pretoria. (But FNL, a smaller rebel group, rejected the deal.)

This piece outlines the main points of the new deal. Here are a few of the points I found interesting.
- On the military side, the FDD gets 40 percent of staff and officer jobs in the new army, with command posts being split evenly between Hutus and Tutsis, the country's two dominant ethnic groups.

- The FDD and the government undertake to form a new police force, with the FDD making up 35 percent and a 50-50 ethnic balance between Hutus and Tutsis. A similar arrangement will be made for a new national intelligence service.

- FDD and government soldiers will move to areas determined by an earlier ceasefire agreement. Those deemed ineligible to form part of the new Burundi National Defence Force will be demobilised.
Last December, the government and FDD had signed a ceasefire agreement which failed to take hold.