Sunday, August 17, 2003

Zimbabwe: Mugabe negotiating not to stand trial after he quits

Today's Observer has this story about Mugabe:
Mugabe is looking for an exit plan that will allow him to step down with dignity and keep him from standing trial for a variety of charges, including the Matabeleland massacres of the mid-1980s and the more recent torture and killings of MDC supporters, says the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper.

... If talks make progress in the coming months, Mugabe would retire as chairman of Zanu-PF at the party's annual congress in December. Zanu-PF and the MDC would then negotiate a new constitution, which would be ratified by parliament and pave the way for parliamentary and presidential elections by June.

... Zimbabwean civic leaders believe Mugabe's efforts to extricate himself from responsibility are so advanced that they issued an call for all perpetrators of human rights abuses to be held accountable.