Saturday, August 16, 2003

US: school segregation case settled after 47 years

The agreement ending the case was signed on Thrusday. And though people seem happy enough that the case has been settled, things apparently haven't changed much in Louisiana in the last five decades.
"Today our schools are as segregated as they were 47 years ago," East Baton Rouge Parish School Board president Jackie Mims told the reporters assembled outside. "The only difference is, the schools are no longer labelled Negro and white."
Here is an article from the local paper with details on the case.

The following is from an opinion piece in same local paper, the Baton Rouge Advocate.
About 73 percent of local public school students today are black. We would point out that integration, while culturally preferable, is not the ultimate goal of school systems. The primary mission is providing every child with the best possible education.
Yes, schools should educate ... but they shouldn't be segregated either.