Thursday, August 28, 2003

UN: SC votes to appoint separate prosecutor for Rwanda tribunal

UPDATE: The Security Council voted to appoint a separate prosecutor for Rwandan tribunal. As for the timetable ... "the courts are to complete investigations by the end of 2004, complete most trials by 2008 and close down before the end of 2010."

The Security Council is expected to vote today on a resolution which would appoint a separate chief prosecutor for the Rwandan tribunal. It would also set out a timetable for both the Rwandan and Yugoslav tribunals to wrap up their work by 2010.

Carla del Ponte who serves as chief prosecutor of both the Rwandan and Yugoslav tribunals will remain in charge of prosecutions at the Yugoslav tribunal. It's still not clear who will be appointed to replace her at the Rwandan tribunal.

The Rwandan government has been lobbying to get Del Ponte replaced ... and she's been lobbying just as hard to keep both jobs. The Rwandan tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania has been accused of being slow and inefficent by both outside observers and the Rwandan government.

Del Ponte's supporters say that the Rwandan government is trying to push her out because she has pursued people inside the government for revenge killings during the Rwandan genocide.

Here is an earlier post on the issue which has a few more details.