Saturday, August 16, 2003

Rwanda: Netherlands withholds election aid

Rwanda election story just keeps getting more interesting. Here is the story on the Dutch funding.
The Netherlands said on Friday it had frozen aid to help pay for Rwanda's first elections since the 1994 genocide because of concerns about the disappearance of opposition politicians ahead of the vote later this month.
And according to this story in Uganda's Montior newspaper, things aren't going too well for Faustin Twagiramungu, the main opposition candidate.
Rwanda's cabinet announced on Tuesday that it had rejected the registration of Twagiramungu's new political party, ADEP-MIZERO.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Local Government said that ADEP-MIZERO's statute and political agenda are contrary to Law No.16/2003 of June 27, 2003.

This law prohibits politicians and political parties from enrolling foreigners and soliciting foreign aid.

... The latest hurdle in Twagiramungu's campaign comes barely five days after a key aide in his home province of Cyangugu, Damascene Ngirinshuti, defected to President Paul Kagame's RPF party.
In May, Twagiramungu's party, the Hutu-dominated Democratic Republican Movemement (MDR), was officially dissolved for allegedly fomenting ethnic division. This is why he founded ADEP-MIZERO.

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