Monday, August 11, 2003

Libya may take blame for Lockerbie bombing

Various news sources are reporting that Libya might accept responsibilty for Lockerbie during/after its trilateral talks (with US & UK) to be held in London this week.

The current issue of Time magazine has an interview with Muammar Gaddafi which seems to echo this story ... but then muddies the issue with this detail ...
Asked directly if Libya was now, for the first time, accepting full blame for the Lockerbie atrocity ... Gaddafi dodged: "Is it not unbelievable that a responsible country, a member of the U.N., would do such an act? Libya was a leading country to condemn such acts." Western diplomats agree that progress is being made but won't confirm Gaddafi's claim of a deal. And Washington, which has long demanded a full confession, is unlikely to be impressed. "Libya knows what it needs to do," says State Department spokesman Philip Reeker. "There are no shortcuts and no lowering of the bar."