Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Liberia: profile of LURD leader

Here is a fascinating profile of LURD leader Sekou Conneh.

LURD is backed by Guinea and according to this profile, Conneh got his job because he has a good relationship with the president of Guniea, Lansana Conteh. Conneh's wife, Aisha, is the daughter of President Conteh's personal soothsayer ... and Aisha herself is a clairvoyant.
... Conneh began exporting second-hand cars purchased in Guinea to Liberia. But the activity landed him in trouble a year later when he was arrested by Liberian intelligence officers at the Ganta border crossing and accused of smuggling.

... One of Conneh's cousins told IRIN: “Sekou, got released upon the intervention of Lasana Conteh who phoned Taylor to use his influence to have him released. Taylor summoned all of his security top brass to find out where Sekou was in jail and on what charges. Taylor instructed (Intelligence) Director Freddie Taylor to have him released.”

Conneh was duly freed and delivered into the care of one of the Liberian president's several wives, Tupee Boakai-Taylor, who ensured his safe passage back to Guinea.
Then, somehow, Conneh ended up leading LURD.

I said the profile was fascinating ... not complete :)

LURD = Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy