Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Japan: missile defense & "'Go! Go! Peace!'"

The Associated Press reports that Japan hopes to have an anti-missile system in place within three years.

And in related but lighter note ... Japan's Self-Defence Forces (SDF) are using an all-girl group in their latest recruitment campaign. The poster features "Morning Musume", its fifteen members dresssed in regular "pop star" attire, declaring ...
'Doing one's best feels good,' ... in Japanese, followed by 'Go! Go! Peace!' in English.

... Defence Agency officials say the idea behind the Morning Musume poster is to eliminate images associated with the military.

In recent years, the SDF has begun to feel the effects of Japan's shrinking population.

Aversion to hardship among the younger generations also contributed to a shortfall of close to 20,000 for its uniformed personnel.
It may just be the late hour ... but something about this story just cracks me up!