Thursday, August 14, 2003

Iraq: US apologizes to residents of Sadr City

The US Army aplogized to the residents of Sadr City (formerly Saddam City) for knocking down a flag, the incident which sparked that huge riot. But it may not be enough.
"The apology is not enough," Qais Hadi Khazali [a local sheikh] told Reuters. "We cannot control the situation. It is very tense. If the soldiers care first of all about their own welfare, and secondly about the welfare of Iraq, they must leave Sadr City."
Here is a story about the incident that sparked the rioting, written by the incomparable Anthony Shadid.

According to the residents of Sadr City, a soldier leaned out of a helicopter and kicked off a flag inscribed with the name of an important Shiite figure. According to the US Army, the flag was accidently blown off by the helicopter.