Thursday, August 07, 2003

Ayatollah Khomeini's grandson defected to Iraq

Seems Sayyid Hussein Khomeini left Iran sometime in July and now resides in Iraq. The curious thing is what he's saying reporters.

Here's a quote from the NY Times.

"Iranians insist on freedom, but they are not sure where it will come from," said Mr. Khomeini, 45 ...

"If it comes from inside, they will welcome it, but if it was necessary for it to come from abroad, especially from the United States, people will accept it," Mr. Khomeini said. "I as an Iranian would accept it."

Saayd has little standing in the Shiite hierarchy ... but his name is quite something else. He says that the Iranian government is trying to have him killed because of his name. Reports say that he's being hosted and protected by an Iraqi cleric who supports the idea of the separation of state and religion.

Here's a l ittle bit more from a Houston Chronicle article.
Khomeini lived much of his childhood with his grandfather, partly in exile in the southern Iraq city of Najaf. It was there that the older ayatollah honed his views of an Islamic government.

... Despite his rejection of many of his grandfather's beliefs, Khomeini says he has loving memories of the man.

"He would play wonderfully with his grandsons. And he did his own housework," says Khomeini. "He didn't want people to do things for him. He was very well organized. He had hours for sleeping, hours for studying."